Caressed by Moonlight by Amanda J. Greene

Genre: Adult

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goodreads Says: Dorian Vlakhos is no ordinary aristocrat. He is a vampire, who will do anything to save his clan from complete annihilation, before an ancient curse can claim his immortal life.Penniless and orphaned, Victoria Kingston has nothing to bring to a marriage, yet she must shackle an unsuspecting gentleman into marriage by the end of the month or forfeit her rights as guardian of her younger sister. With the help of her dearest friend, Victoria begins her hunt, and vows to stay far away from the dark, mysterious, Dorian Vlakhos.After meeting the beautifully innocent Miss Kingston, Dorian had to have her. He would do absolutely anything to make Victoria his. One sweet stolen kiss would bring them together while a force, more powerful than any vampire, would bind them for all eternity, but treachery, war, and death rule Dorian's dark world and Victoria would be fortunate to survive.

SO! In my world authors are like celebrities and I got to go back and forth with this author when I won a giveaway of this book. It wasn't anything crazy but it was enough for me to know she was really nice and on top of things.

With that said I was really hoping to like this book. I TOTALLY DID! I read it in one night.

Victoria Kingston has just lost both of her parents within a few months time. She is left to care for her eight year old sister and is flat broke. Victoria heads over to her aunt, who hates her because she looks so much like her mother, and asks for her help. The aunt refuses to really help too much and tells Victoria that she has 30 days to find a husband before she is thrown out of her house and will never see her sister again. So Victoria does the only thing she can do in the 1800's... She finds herself a husband.

Dorian Vlakhos is a Vampire King! He comes to London from a far away land in hopes that the Witches who hunt his people will follow him and leave his clan alone.

Dorian definitely was a character! He had personality, he was funny, smart, elegant, passionate, warm but with a warrior mentality. He was a pretty cool character. Victoria was...English. :-) I found her funny at times, mostly when she would interact with Dorian at the social gatherings. I think what I most liked about Victoria was how she wanted a love like her parents and although her marriage started as one of convenience she was determined to end it as one of love. I loved how both Victoria and Dorian interacted with the little sister, Margaret.

Right away when you hear that the book will be about vampires you think of certain obvious characteristics a vampire should have. Nowadays, writers are trying to stand out and create unique vampire qualities in their own stories and not follow the norm. I think Amanda J Greene did this well. I think she found the perfect balance between a traditional vampire and a more evolved vampire. I haven't read anything yet with a Vampire King in it nor have I read anything about vampires in the 1800's and it worked well together. I believed in Dorian and Victoria's love. I could see it growing and it happened naturally. The story was easy to follow as well as the characters that were introduced along the way. I like how things changed dramatically when Dorian had to return to his native land and the ending was so unexpected.

I think the only bad things I have to say is that the book needed light editing. There were a few misspelled words or words in general that didn't belong but not terribly bad. There was one inconsistency but again it wasn't horribly bad. (I won't say... let's see if you catch it.) The last thing I found weird was a line that I know would not have been said in the 1800's.

Overall it was written nicely and I look forward to the next book. I'm just sad that it's not featuring two characters I would have loved to see their story told.

On to the next one folks!!

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