Perigee Moon by Tara A. Fuller

Genre: YA

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Goodreads Says: After a horrific fire claims the life of her mother, seventeen year old Rowan Bliss finds herself in the miniscule town of Ipswich, Massachusetts. It’s here that she meets Alex, a deliciously mysterious boy who holds the key to unlocking her family’s dark secret. 

As Rowan falls helplessly over the edge for Alex, the secrets that he insists on keeping refuse to be contained, and the truth that she uncovers challenges everything she has ever believed. Alex is a witch. And now he’s awakened something within her she never even knew existed. But out of all of this, the one thing Rowan won’t accept is the fact that Alex is destined to die. 

Now Rowan must unearth the buried power she harbors within to escape a deadly prophecy, defy the very laws of time, and prevent the hands of fate from taking yet another person she loves.

Tara A. Fuller's debut novel Perigee Moon

Rowen Bliss has had one heck of a few months. She has lost her mother in a fire and is having a really hard time dealing with that loss. If this wasn't bad enough her father has distanced himself from her and has decided that Rowen should go across the country to live with her mother's parents. Within a few months of living in the small town of Ipswich, Mass., she meets a mysterious boy named Alex aka Alexander and finds out she is a powerful witch among other things.

I finished this book last night and have been trying to find the right words to describe my thoughts about this book since then. I think I'm finding it hard because this book made me feel more than think and it's always hard to put feelings into words.

This is such a beautiful story. It was beautifully written in such a way that everything was easily understood. Too often you find that authors try way too hard to describe action and it gets confusing and you are not too sure what they really wanted you to visually see in your mind. I had no such problem with this book. Ms. Tara has a true gift for story telling. The words floated off the screen and I felt as if I were right there with these characters the entire time. I could see into the forest and see the trees gently sway with the wind. I felt every gust of wind and tasted the briny dew along with it. I truly was transported into the world Ms. Tara created.

The love story that unfolded between Rowen and Alex was cute, innocent and very pure. It was really nice to see it grow and it's intensity was refreshing because it wasn't just physical. BTW, I LOVE THE NAMES ROWEN AND ALEXANDER! Rowen is sweet, broken yet strong. Alexander is sweet, enticing and mysterious. I really liked how Rowen wasn't easily influenced. At her age and as broken as she was it could have been really easy to wild out and she didn't. I was impressed. :-) Love love love Rowen's friends Bevin, Paige and Tyler. I really liked TYLER! He was so sweet and supportive. WOW Bevin...she stepped up like I've never known any other teenager to. Let's just say that she had to play the adult when it came to helping Rowen out with her grief. I loved Grams as well.

The author did a wonderful job in developing these characters and they were consistent in their behavior.

I was brought to tears at least two times in the book. I totally was not expecting that. I don't think I can say what brought me to tears without it being a spoiler. I will say that at one point it was about how this child who has lost so much only wanted to be accepted for who she was and more importantly wanted to accept herself for who she was. It was sad because she couldn't accept herself without having the support of someone else first. She didn't know how to accept her gift because she felt it was a curse, something bad, evil, because others perceived it as such. No one that young should feel alone and people really do need to learn to embrace difference. As adults we hurt our children more by not teaching them that it's ok to be different and if you have special gifts it's ok to have them too.

Once again I found this book to have been written beautifully. It has its mystery but it wasn't too dark. The ending was really nice and I'm glad that this book won't be a part of a series. Why? In order for it to be a series Ms. Tara will have to put Rowen and Alex in a crazy situation and honestly those two need some peace in their lives. Sometimes its ok to wrap it up nicely and let go.

I recommend this book to everyone! Ms. Tara great job and keep on being as sweet as you are!

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