The Enchanted Truth by Kym Petrie

Genre: Adult but I find it to be ok for YA

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goodreads Says: In this humorous and insightful tale, a modern day princess finds herself single and asking for magical intervention to change her sorry love life. Rather than casting a spell to bring Prince Charming to her rescue, a savvy fairy godmother gives the tenderhearted damsel an unexpected gift. By entrusting her true thoughts and desires to an unlikely confidante, the young royal soon discovers that the person who could make her life everything she dreamed it would be has been with her all along.

As author Kym Petrie herself realized, every woman needs a froggy friend and a secret journal—and enough adventures with the girls to keep her heart pounding and her mind racing. Life is meant to be about happy beginnings . . . you can never have enough of them.

I absolutely adored this fun short story.  The message is clear and oh so very positive. So much so that I thought this is something I had to post on the blog!

I find that many conversations with my girlfriends entail dissecting the male psyche and wondering what the heck is wrong with them. I personally have given up on themguys not the friends,  but being the wonderfully supportive friend I am, I listen and join in on the dissecting. Well, until I get tired of trying to figure it out of course, for the thousandth time.

Most times though, after giving up on the analyzing and what not, I always go back to “You have to figure out what you really want and try not to settle in hopes that the man will see things clearly one day and want the same things you do because you should never go into anything wanting to change someone who’s set in their ways and you are worth so much why even be tempted to call on drama.” approach.

Yeah, umm hmm.  I would be the Fairy Godmother in this tale. That is me, ALL OVER!

This wonderful tale takes on that approach to a certain degree. The godmother pretty much tells her princess that she must take the time to figure out what she really wants in her forever love. Only when she has figured out ALL of the qualities she desires in a man will she find her true love. 

By the end of this tale the Princess finds her true worth and many truths.  She went from bratty little I want any man now because any man will do-to- Ms. Mature and Independent.

I recommend this book to EVERYONE! Although this is more of an adult book I can’t help but think this book will be picked up by YA’s and I wouldn’t mind if they did. Too many of the YA’s I read are too much about going with the moment instead of stepping back for a minute and giving it a thought or two.  It’s important to teach our young women to love themselves first and foremost, not to settle, and that love will come, no rush.  For the older gals, this book serves as a reminder of what we should already know.

ARC provided by Greenleaf Book Group via NetGalley. 


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