Any day now my sister will be having her first baby which means I will be a titi/ auntie to a beautiful baby girl. (YAY!)  With that said, I've been reading a bunch of books for babies and little ones because I wouldn't be ME if I didn't already have a world of books to introduce to the little one. 

I decided to start up a sister blog featuring these books I find and I named it Arroz Con Leche. Arroz con Leche happens to be one of the first rhymes my parents taught us as they reminisced about the games they used to play in Puerto Rico. This rhyme has become one of my favorites and I felt it was only fitting for my kid blog to carry the same name. :-) 

Some of the books I've already reviewed are:

As you can see I'll be looking into books that teach history, culture, be socially conscious and teach to love yourself no matter what you look like, embrace differences and find beauty in all you see and experience.

Tall order. Any little bit helps, right?  

Come on over and check it out! Arroz Con Leche will not only feature reviews but all sorts of exciting stuff. Right Now, Right Now I'm giving away a copy of  the book that carries the same name as the blog and can be found here. <<<<----

As always thank you for stopping by! Say hi and stay a while! 


  1. I like Arroz Con Leche- we read (and sing) to the kids from that book. I own a daycare so I love getting book recommendations for the kids :)

    1. Rebecca! That is awesome! One of the songs from the book, Elefante, is one of my other favorites and I learned it while hanging out with my son and his K- teacher. If I find any others like this I will let you know.