In the last week I've had a bunch of random thoughts about random topics I wanted to post.  Not sure if they'll become memes because to tell you the truth I'm not the memes type. Not too sure why. Well I have some idea as to why but I'll only tell if you ask.

At any rate, at the moment I'm in the mood to start the week off on a high with positive thoughts and feelings. :-D

Because this is a book blog,  I'll flow with my bookish thoughts and feelings.

The reading/book/blogging world can be a harsh one. I started blogging because I love books! I do, I do, I do! I started leaving reviews on Goodreads and it motivated me enough to start a blog. I really liked leaving my thoughts in the inter-webs even if most of the time I don't think anyone reads them. It's more for myself, although, I really do enjoy gifting you books and swag. However, blogging is hard, time consuming and sometimes lonely. Then again... it's never a dull moment.  Summer not only brought on some much needed heat but seemed to also fuel some crazy battles between Authors and Bloggers, Bloggers and Bloggers, Authors and Authors, Author's kin and Bloggers... Umm, yeah, you get the picture.   Needless to say, it was ugly and left me feeling pretty crappy. In case you were wondering, those were not the positive thoughts of the week! It's coming. I promise.

With all that said and all that mess kind of simmering down, because who knows if it has all really died out, I started to think about all the positives... See, I told you it was coming.


Huge shout out to two authors who placed the biggest smile on my baby boy's face thus placing the biggest smile on my face.

Scott Cramer reached out to me and asked if I could review his novel Night of the Purple Moon. He was so nice about the whole thing and after reading the intriguing synopsis, I just had to say yes. I was a HAWT mess upon finishing this book and immediately thought it was because I was a mom having mom-like reactions to this adult-less world and perhaps I was mourning my own death a bit too... Read my REVIEW... You'll understand. So anyway... I had to have my son read my copy because I had to know if he would understand and feel like I did because this book was written for him and kids his age not for me. My little one read the book and ended up loving it.   I surprised Scott Cramer with David's interview where he gave his review on the blog. I had to edit a bunch of it because David gave away too many spoilers but trust me when I say he has analyzed the book to death.

Scott in return, sends David his own personalized signed copy and a personal note because rarely does he read reviews from the kids he writes for. 

Thank you Scott! 

Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade Series is another one that my son and I have read together. We both fell in love with the series immediately and after meeting Jeri at the RT Convention 2012, I fell in love with her too. She is so darn nice! I pre-ordered a personalized Shine, the last of the series, back in April or May. I had asked that both David and my name appear on the book. Unfortunately, my name had only been added. I tweeted Jeri and she immediately tweeted me back letting me know she felt so bad and would send David a personalized book plate.  I thought she had forgotten it because months had gone by but I really didn't sweat it because things happen.  Well, guess what came in this week? 

The card was an apology for not including his name on the book months ago and the button was because it took her months to mail the book plate. LOL See, she remembered.

Details like that is golden, folks. Golden!

Speaking of RT 2012. I remembered this week how nice Ann Aguirre had been at the convention. I was ready to purchase four copies of her book Enclave when she had just run out and only had one left to sell.  My niece had received a copy in her Teen Day bag, I bought one for David and got it signed and Ms. Aguirre sent me my signed copy plus another one which I had intended to buy for a giveaway. She sent it within a week! I donated my $40 to a literacy organization per Ms. Aguirre's request because she came through big time.  That extra Enclave...It'll be part of a giveaway soon.

Speaking of  speaking of RT 2012... I met the timid Kendall Grey there. PFFTTT! Timid my butt... well, I know that now of course but she was kind of shy at RT. She is the author of the Just Breathe Series. This lady is the craziest, nicest, most awesome-st chick, EVER.  I have never met someone so real in my life. What you see is what you get and no apologies.

If I need a quick laugh or a simple smile all I ever have to do is jump on twitter and check out what @kendallgrey1 has to say.

She is super smart and dang, can she write! It truly is a wonderfully intellectual HAWT read and Ms. Grey donates all of the proceeds to whale education. Did I mention how awesome she is? She is.
Inhale is available everywhere for free for a limited time and I suggest you go and check it out.

We are planning a huge celebration for the Just Breathe release in January!! You have to be celebrate with us!

Check out all of Kendall's books and tour info here: Kendall Grey's Just Breathe Explosive Blog Tour

Lastly, but definitely not least... I want to give a shout out to bloggers who make me smile.

Ali from Ginger Read Reviews, Andrea from The Bookish Babe, Luna Raven from Bird Talk. Not only are they nice but they are awesome bloggers/reviewers. I just love their reviews.

Well that is all for now. I started this post on Monday and now it's Tuesday. What the heck...It's still Monday somewhere around the world.

As I hold on to theses happy thoughts, I bid you G'night! Happy Monday!


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