Because I'm curious...

Curiosity #1

So peeps! How many of you pile books onto your wish list, Netgalley list, ARC list, Goodreads list, Shelfari list, whatever list, only to feel extremely guilty when you have to trim down that list because you are overwhelmed with reading responsibilities, don't feel like reading that book right now, right now, or have Amazon breathing down your neck reminding you how many books you've just purchased but have yet to review?

As you can see, I'm starting to feel the pressure. :-) I just want to make sure I'm not alone. Speak to me, people. Please. 

Curiosity #2 

If you don't know already... let me just let you in on a little something something...


I do. 

I didn't "grow up" with her. In fact, I was 24 years old and about seven months pregos with my beautiful little man when I first began reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone because I just had to read the book before watching the movie. 

Since then I have literally based almost all of my reviews or thoughts solely on that series. First, J.K.R. can write. She has a way with words that not only invokes thoughts and feelings but draws/paints pictures and creates melodies/music and transports you to a world that you absolutely want to partake in.  Good or bad, you just know you want to experience it all. Which leads me to point two... You want to experience it all! I know I said that already but the real point is that Harry Potter et al. was an EXPERIENCE. It was just pretty fantastic.  

You might not think so, which is ok because we are all entitled to our own opinions, but the fact remains that when I read a book I'm always looking for that next read that will make me feel all those wonderful feelings again.  

With that said... J.K.R. came out with an adult book! O.M.G.! 

Okay, okay, okay, it's old news. I know. I didn't just find out... I just didn't feel like blogging about it until now. 

At first I was uber excited about this wonderful author writing again. Then I saw the price tag on both the book and the e-book and I pressed on the brakes a bit. Trust me, the book price was to be expected but the e-book price... Just WOW.  Lastly, I strolled on over to Amazon to check out what people were saying because not much was being said on Goodreads.  

These are the current ratings and what some people are saying.  

Customer Reviews

To me, the characters were not very interesting and the story did not keep my interest. Wilma  |  348 reviewers made a similar statement
I've read 100 pages and will not be finishing the book. houstonbooklover  |  316 reviewers made a similar statement
I know some people do not like sad books, I would say not to pick it up if you are one of those people. Mae10286  |  278 reviewers made a similar statement

Things that make you say hmm... How many of you are going to read this one? How many have already read it? How many of you said "Pfft, save it!". 


  1. I'm shocked about the JK Rowling reviews. And secretly smiling. ;-)

    1. You evil evil lady you! Ha! It's definitely shocking but then it really?