Curiosity #1 

Is there anyone out there craving a really good Dragon story? Dragon lore is hardly tapped into and it would be pretty awesome to read a book that actually focuses on the lore. It’s not enough for the protagonist to be a descendant of a dragon. It’s not enough for them to turn into a dragon at some point. I’d love for there to an actual story where they talk about the lore in depth and that it go somewhere. Have you read anything like this?

Curiosity #2 

Speaking of dragons…I’m totally hooked on DragonVale. Anyone out there just as hooked?

Curiosity #3 

How many of you are close to finishing your yearly reading challenges? I’m scared to even look. I know I’m not. I think I’m going to try to catch up in December.

Curiosity #4 

How many of you checked out Breaking Dawn #2? I did. My kid loves all of the movies. I think the acting is ridiculous at times but I have to admit that the last fighting scene was pretty incredible. I have to give it to the writing team for adding it. What did you think?

Curiosity #5

Have you signed up for the Just Breathe Blog Tour? It’s going to be incredible. I can’t give Kendall Grey enough props. She is going to be doing some amazing stuff on this tour. All of it will be exclusive, new and absolutely HAWT!

Sign up HERE!

Curiosity #6 

A few of my favorite series have already come to an end or will be before the New Year. I’m behind on a few and I just have to make time to read them before the year is over.

To name a few:

*The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series by Michael Scott (I went to the book signing, bought the signed book and have yet to read the last one)

*Shade Series by Jeri Smith Ready (Have had the last one since it was released…)

*Just Breathe Trilogy by Kendall Grey (I will really miss these characters. I believe I’ll be able to get this one before 2013)

*The Alexa Montgomery Saga by H.D. Gordon (Last book to come out late December. LOVE this series. Alexa is pretty kick ass.)

*Matched by Ally Condie (Just bought the last one)

I think this is about it. Do you have any that are about to end or ended this year? Let me know! I want to know!

That’s it folks. For now!


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