I planned on doing a reflections post. You know, the kind where I look back on 2012 and all it taught me. I planned on doing a "starting the week right" post. I also planned on doing a "Curiosity Wednesdays" post. What happened? I'm about to tell you and this might be all of the above combined. Just sayin'.

****I have been sick for the last month non stop with the flu and any other illness that results in coughing up a lung or two, literally has me aching all over, bedridden, having nightmares and hallucinations. I'm so done with being sick and achy. WTFudge!

****2012 was the start of many things and I'm glad I was able to start this blog and really get out there in the book blogging world. It's been a wild ride to say the least. 2013 feels like it will be a year to catch up on almost anything I didn't get to do or finish in 2012. This seems to be the case both in the book and personal world. It's cool. I'm actually digging it. I'm all zen with the idea. This is not a WTFudge so much. This would be part of my reflections.

****Peeps... I've decided to do something new in 2013. Honestly, I've started doing it sometime in 2012 but I've decided to continue doing it in 2013.  I've decided to no longer point out that a certain read is an Indie read. Why, you may ask? It's quite simple really. A good author is a good author. It shouldn't matter how you got your work of art out there. What should matter is that it's out there and people should read it.  Being published by a big publishing house does not guarantee that the book you are reading is a good one and my experience this year has been that, more often than not, an Indie book has been better than the big publishing houses. I'll always give spotlights and I will rave about the author or the book but solely because of the author or the book. I won't give an Indie spotlight or Indie Day because I feel like it's the equivalent of what Negro Day was back in the day. Yes, I said that. It's my opinion and you all are entitled to yours. I'm not bashing anyone that chooses to host those memes. It's just not the right fit for ME. Every author should be treated equally and that is that. I don't think Indie books or writers should carry a negative because they chose to not have a publishing house determine whether they were worthy of being published. WTFudge!

****OOOOHHHH! Guess what? Part of my starting the week off right was to trim down my Goodreads shelf. I knocked out about 200 books. It wasn't easy and quite honestly, it gave me a major migraine.  I realized in the end though, that I was in the mood to read those books when I added them but now I'm not so interested and can't remember why I was interested in the first place. WTFudge!

****In looking back on 2012, I realize I'm addicted to books. In every way imaginable. I buy them, I shelf them, I download them onto my Kindle and iBooks and BlueFire readers... It's a problem because I haven't read any of those books! I need to start. In 2013 I'm on time out. I won't buy anything or request anything unless it's connected to a series I've already committed my heart to. I have to make a dent in the Kindle, iBooks, BlueFire. Not to mention my bin that holds about $400 in books because that's how much I spent last year at the RT Convention and have yet to read any of those books. Ok, that just made me faint just a little. No joke, I have about 1000 books on those readers. Yep, I need help.  WTFudge!

****This next one is a HA HA moment as well as a WTFudge! I'm a huge Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout fan. I read Deity and had to read Elixir. I headed over to Amazon and purchased the .99 read.  I download it, read it, enjoy it to death, get to the end and read this and any other novella is free for download at spencerhillpress.com. ( I look to one side. I look to the other side. I cock my head and say... WTFudge! WTFudge! I laugh now because it was .99 but dang, why not just make it a free download on Amazon? I was just made to look like a fool because I didn't think to go to the publisher's site first. I don't know... doesn't sit right with me.

Moving along... I'm uber excited about the JUST BREATHE BLOG TOUR! We just received our finished copies of Just Breathe for the tour and of course I've already read it and of course it was pretty awesome! The tour will start on January 20, 2013 and it will be AMAZING.  Thank you to all who signed up and for being amazing!

On to the next...



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