Have you ever found yourself reading a series and the final book comes out and you go out and buy it.  You have it in front of you and you’re in awe of all that will be revealed. You’re dying to read but instead of opening that sucker up on the spot, you put it to the side and don’t read it for like forever.  Has this ever happened to you? You know, when you just don’t want this world to end just yet.

(I look to the right. I look to the left.) This is me. 

It’s actually happened for several books. I’m looking at my shelf and staring at: 

This one is hanging out in my iPad. 

I'm sure there a couple more but I haven't really sought them out yet. AGH! 

It is June though. June seems like a good month to finish these series. I mean June marks the end of a fiscal year for some organizations. June also means graduating from grade schools and high schools and the end of the school year in general. Yep, time to find some closure so that I can move on to new experiences. :-) 

So yeah... Is this happening to you? Are you finding it hard to just give up?  Let me know! 


  1. This actually hasn't happened to me yet! I'm more the kind of person that reads the first book and never gets around to purchasing any of the sequels. I have tons of series going right now.

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. That can be me some times too. Only happens when the first book was just ok for me.

      Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog!

  2. Oh wow yes this has happened to me a few times!