Hey Y’all!

Just curious... Have you missed me???


I’m back! 

Kind of. 

Some of you might not know but my year doesn’t really end or start until about the beginning of February. This is mostly because I help organize this huge event in Puerto Rico that takes a lot of planning, takes place at the end of January, is non stop action for about four days and requires much recovery time once I'm back in the very cold windy city. This along with this crappy weather and life… Let’s just say I haven’t been able to catch up like I’ve wanted to.

So yeah! Can you believe it’s March?! It is and I’m so ready for more sun, no snow and no cold. Like really ready. Really really ready.

Le sigh. 

I digress.

I’ve missed posting stuff so I’m going to get back to doing this big time. I haven’t been completely out of it though. I’ve been reading lots of books as well as reading lots of blogs and definitely thinking up of a bunch of conversation posts because I need to get my thoughts out there and since my readership has pretty much quadrupled in the last month (YAY!), I crave the conversation!

Be on the lookout, peeps. I’m back!


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