RT 2012 held their conference in Chicago about two weeks ago. Sadly, it has taken me that long to:
  1.  Recuperate from the experience
  2.  Catch up on my homework
  3.  Gather all of my materials for this blog post
  4.  Come down from its high

and still manage to do the Mami thing, sibling thing, daughter/niece/granddaughter thing.


This has been my first conference ever in the world of books/authors/publishers and it was pretty awe inspiring. With life responsibilities constantly ever present I was only able to attend Thursday and Saturday.  Thursday I was on my own and Saturday I had my niece for Teen Day.
I didn’t really know what to expect and wished I had brought someone with on Thursday. I tried but no one could get out of work early. (Sigh)  I attended a few workshops and have to say that by getting to know a few of the authors and their thoughts on certain subjects actually turned me on to reading their books. I couldn’t believe how down to Earth some of them were and the great advice they were giving aspiring authors. I am not one of those btw. I am a reader and only a reader!  I also attended the afternoon event, RT Booklovers Expo, where they had a room full of authors prepped with their books and swag.   It was like a scene out of the movies. As I type this I laugh. They opened the doors, all of the authors are sitting down all staring at the door, readers are going in and scanning the room really fast as they try to locate their favorite authors.  Me, being the newbie, I start to walk around and look at the authors who are in turn looking right back at me and neither of us know what to do! Man! To say I got really hot all of a sudden was an understatement.  I appreciated all of the authors who drew me in to pitch me their books. I actually walked out with an arm full of their books.  I didn’t stay too long. The room was so full I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. I’m the type that hates to shop and pretty much get what I want and leave. So I did but I was happy.

Saturday was AMAZING! I got to spend it with one of my favorite people:


Saturday was all about Teens.  The day started off with a huge book fair that included Adult Book authors and Young Adult authors. Elanie and I hit the Young Adult section first.  We got to meet so many of my favorite authors. I didn’t take any pictures with them, sorry. There were just so many people and the Young Adult section was a small section that didn’t accommodate the fans very well. I didn’t want to take up anyone else’s time.  I picked up so many books!! Oooo weee! It was crazy!  After the book fair we attended a few workshops where Elanie got to meet authors up close and personal. Afterwards I wished the workshops would have taken place before the book fair because my niece decided she wanted some of the authors books after talking to them and getting a feel for the books.  We finished the day at a Teen Party where the teens got the greatest goody bags EVER. They were filled with books and more books and MORE BOOKS! The adults were able to get some goodies too.   Now for some pictures. J

  Elanie with Ann Aguirre, author of Enclave, at the Teen/Author Speed Dating event. Be on the lookout for a giveaway soon.

To buy or not to buy...It was never in question!

She was so nice, inviting and so funny! Cole Gibson, you have an AMAZING spirit.  Use my name anytime. It would be an honor. ;-)

I got feather earrings...Yes I DID! I look like a hot momma in them too. Lynn Rush SO NICE. Can't wait to read this one


  Kendall Grey, another author who was incredibly        
  nice and too cute as she warned me that her book  
  had some swearing in it and there would be sex
  and if that was ok. Giiiiiirl, you were in the
  ADULT section of the conference. NO

   More to come about this wonderful Indie Author
   and her awesome book! Stay tuned!

David Macinnis Gill was the ONLY GUY/MAN author in the YA alley. I think he could have been the only GUY/MAN author in the entire room. I think there might have been one more. Maybe. Yep I felt kind of bad that he was surrounded by all these women. :-) He was so nice, funny and enthusiastic about his books. Loved his energy.

Then we were gifted
Melissa Marr, I'll have you know that I did not sleep well, not once, while I read this book. I absolutely loved this book and even more so when sleep returned without nightmares and mini heart attacks.

Parents were gifted all of this

Teens were gifted all of this

One of the highlights were getting books that  haven't been released yet.
Inhale (up above) won't be coming out until May 1st.

Shout outs to some very smart ladies who I didn't get a chance to buy a signed book, Stephanie Perkins (with her beautiful bright red hair) and Jaye Wells. A special shout out to Mary Manners who chatted it up with me for about an hour while we took a break in the lounging area. So darn nice! Check out her books!

All in all it was a great experience. Feel free to leave comments about your experiences at conventions or book fairs. Until next time...



  1. Are you kidding? I LOVED being the only guy in the room! RT was an amazing experience, and I coming back next year!

    1. David I know you were suffering! YEAH RIGHT! LOL I'm thinking about next year too. Just haven't decided yet. If I do I want to take my son for sure.

  2. I am SOO jealous of you right now! *Twitch* I hope you enjoy all of those books! Divergent and Across the Universe were really good, but those are the only ones I've read—unfortunately—from that whole stack that you got that's more than awesome! :)

    I'm following you, by the way! :) Love your blog name, it reminds me of Adele's Rumor Has It song. ;)

    1. Eileen! Across the Universe was really good and so was A Million Stars. I haven't read Divergent yet. I plan to this week since Insurgent is coming out. As for all the RT goodies I plan on reading a few a week. I have so many books on my Kindle/IPad and now in paper format. Lordy!