There was a lot of noise being made about Veronica Roth's new book Insurgent. The more noise made about this series the more curious I got. After doing some research I found out that Veronica Roth was a 20 something year old who had written one book which had already been picked up for a movie. I naturally was impressed. Then I found out she is originally from Chicago. Well! Then I found out she was coming to Anderson's book store for a book signing.  Naturally, being an artist who tries to support all artists and a huge lover of books, I decided a road trip down to Naperville was in order.

On May 4th I picked up the kids at school, drove down to Naperville, an hour later picked up my books from the nice lady behind the counter, went to Flat Top to eat dinner and finish my last term paper, went back to Anderson's for the event... waited for V. Roth AND finally 4 HOURS LATER I had my signed book.

Yeah, that's what I do to support fellow artists.

There were A LOT of people folks. This was a pretty huge deal. We were #260+ and were literally towards the end. We weren't allowed to take pics with V. Roth, understandably so, as it would have been too time consuming. Needless to say all of our pics were kind of awkward. :-)

One of my highlights of the night was finally meeting fellow blogger Vivian from Confessions of a Vi3tBabe who drove 4 hours from Michigan. I wish we could have chatted longer but she had to make that drive out back to Michigan that night.  I was trying to get a good pic of her with V. Roth but my phone didn't want to cooperate. Check out her blog which has more event pics.

Ladies and gentleman: I have yet to read Divergent or Insurgent. However, I walked out with not one, not two, not even three BUT 5 copies of Insurgent and ONE of those copies are for A VERY LUCKY YOU! I also picked up some stickers for a few other LUCKY YOU's!

Up for grabs are:

ONE signed copy of Insurgent by V. Roth
ONE Abnegation Sticker
ONE Candor Sticker
ONE Erudite Sticker 
(I could only grab these!)


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  1. I love everything about Divergent!!!! Tris and Four are both so so awesome:) So naturally i can't wait to read Insurgent:)

  2. The thing I really like is the fact that the story-building is so well-done, and then the world is so in-depth and creative, especially the premise. I also love Tris's strong character and Four's, too. I just love the romance and it's a really great series. I highly recommend you try it out. :)

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  4. I have been wanting to read Divergent. I really can tell you what I liked about it because I haven't read it.I want to read it because it some really good, and different then the books I'm used to reasding.

  5. I really liked the first book because of all the action and romance,
    I AM IN LOVE WITH FOUR!!!!!!! I also like how Tris is not supposed to be
    that pretty.