Rose Awaken by Eve A. James

Genre: YA

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goodreads Says: Without any memories of who she is and where she came from, eight-year-old Rose finds herself on a cargo ship in the middle of the sea. A mysterious stranger, who feels like a friend, an Eagle birthmark that moves freely about her body and magical powers are just the beginning of Rose’s journey. What happens when her powers are discovered and taken from her? Will she be able to fulfill the ancient prophecy? 
Rose Awaken is a short story and Part I of the Element of Air Trilogy, where we are taken on Rose’s journey of discovering who she is and where she came from and try to understand the choices she will make in the future.

I'm left in this quiet, foggy kind of surreal place after reading this book. This is a great beginning to a very intriguing story. It is definitely a short story being 15 pages but it carried so much weight. It is beautifully written, compelling, placing me in a trance and wanting much more when it ended.

Some thoughts:

I didn't care for the author's description of Sebastian who is the mysterious friend in the synopsis. She describes his lips being too full to ever be considered sexy and nose too wide to be considered beautiful although she thought him handsome. I know it was meant to be Rose's opinion but please be careful. Those features ARE beautiful.

Voodoo or Vodun is mentioned and I'm excited to see this included in the book and hope the author does the religion justice by being as accurate as possible.

Finally, Rose is an eight year old but the voice carried in the book is of an adult. I actually thought this was an adult book until I read the About the Author blurb and realized the author writes YA. So this had me a bit confused throughout the book but only a bit.

All in all, overall, it was good enough to rate, comment and want more of this trilogy.

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