Endurance by Ann Aguirre

Genre: YA 

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goodreads Says: When rebellion destroys the underground world in which Thimble and Stone have grown up, they take Stone’s son and try to escape the chaos. Along the way, they must evade the Freaks, beings who feed on human flesh. Leaving behind the roles of Builder and Breeder which they were assigned at birth, they wander the underground tunnels, looking for safety yet afraid to go “topside” where legend has it that the light and water will burn their skin from their bones.

Their journey takes them upward to an unimagined world of tinned food, comfortable furniture, and books. Away from their regimented society for the first time, and still facing imminent danger, Thimble and Stone acknowledge the forbidden attraction which both have denied for years.


I must say this is probably the best written story in the Razorland series and my absolute favorite of the series to date. It was fast paced with lots of action that went down immediately. It was nice to go back to the Enclave and find out what happened to Deuces’ best friends, Stone and Thimble, after Deuce was banished. This story alternated between Stone and Thimble’s POV’s and it was a great move on the author’s behalf. These two characters are extremely interesting, so very real with a different voice and tone than that of Deuce. I loved being in their heads. I loved their friendship, their connection, their acceptance of one another and how it all fueled their need to survive for one another.

Interesting things are brought to light in this read and I really hope this is not the last we read of Stone and Thimble.

4.5 is due to the fact that this read needed a more thorough edit, otherwise, it was a 5.


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