Genre: Adult 

Goodreads Says: WARNING: This JUST BREATHE short story contains explicit language and graphic content. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

Mild-mannered veterinarian Jetta Briggs wrestles with humiliation and self-hatred after someone she trusts brutally betrays her. But when an enigmatic woman shows her the world through the calming Element of Earth, Jetta uncovers inner strength she never knew she had. As everything she believes in flips upside down, Jetta is forced to trust the part of herself she doubts the most—her broken heart.

DIRTY is the third installment of the JUST BREATHE Ephemera series, a companion collection of shorts that supplement Kendall Grey's JUST BREATHE urban fantasy romance trilogy.

WARNING: This is not for the faint at heart. This will be a ROUGH ride.

Heartbreaking.  Intense.  Beautiful.

I have to admit, this was the only Kendall Grey book I was tempted to put down. Grey doesn’t hold back at all on this one. She challenges the reader to really feel. She challenges the reader to become the character. I felt it all and I definitely became the character. 

Elementals start off as humans who have gone through a dramatic experience or have suffered in some way or have just had a really rough time of it before they turn into these magnificent forces of nature.  Jetta is introduced in Exhale. Although she is a lady of few words she radiates power and strength and Dirty makes it all too clear why. It was amazing to read about Jetta and her amazing journey. 

I think this book is a testament to how great of an author Grey is.  Each book is written by the same author yet each book easily has its own unique voice, style, mood and feel to it.  The emotions they invoke are very strong and very real and whichever character it’s about, owns it.  Not everyone can achieve unique. Awesome read!