Genre: Adult

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Goodreads Says: Twelve-year-old Zoe Morgan has always felt out of place. With no friends, an overbearing mother, and a broken brain, it’s no wonder she’s a walking disaster. Trapped in a world dominated by backward letters that don’t make sense, she struggles through each day by clinging to the one thing she does understand: whales. On a life-changing trip to Australia, Zoe comes face to face with her demons and learns that fitting in is sometimes a simple matter of letting go.

LETTING GO is the second installment of the JUST BREATHE Ephemera series, a companion collection of shorts that supplement Kendall Grey's JUST BREATHE urban fantasy romance trilogy.

This was a sweet read. We get to really see what makes Zoe tick. I love Zoe. I do.  I love her even when she flip flops back and forth as she over thinks things instead of just trusting things will work out. I love her always.

Zoe has had it rough but has been able to shelf a lifetime of put downs to achieve success in her life. What Letting Go does is that it allows you to better understand that she needs to heal and why it might take a lifetime to achieve it.    You also get a better understanding as to why she’s so confident when it comes to anything whales and why she’s not with everything else.

I love this girl and her mom not so much.

As a treat you get to see how Zoe meets both Yileen and Gavin. It is amazing to see how they are all intertwined through a little toy falcon. 

Check out this vlog on Letting Go.


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