... AGAIN! :-)

I've been cover lusting, cover loving, cover obsessing, and cover envying ALL DAY LONG! Holy book covers, Batman, there are a bunch of great covers out there as of late! What a way to start my week off. There is nothing better than being surrounded by book art love.  Here are a few.

I just love the colors! Look at those eyes and the magic in them. LOVE ET!

Thank you Bound by Words for bringing this little treasure into my life. For more info click here.

It's the colors... yep, it got me once more. The colors and the way they were used just scream magic and mystery and "oooo come and read me!".

Thank you Smash Attack Reads for bringing such beauty into my life.
Read more about the book here. BTW, Smash Attack Reads has such a purrrty site. LOVE ET!

This one has been on my radar for a long time. Not sure where I found it but I did. I love the simplicity in this and it's just plain beautiful.

Goodreads says... click here to find out. :-)

This here is awesome! Yes, it truly is. I LOVE THIS COVER. Want to know why? Yes, you do. Because it has a woman of color on it. Because I have curly hair just like that. Because she's rocking some heels I know I wouldn't be able to and they are cute. I love the softness of the cover and just how cute it all is. Yes, I want to read this.

Thank you  The Bookish Babe for making my morning right with this one! For more info click here!

I absolutely LOVE this cover. It reminds me of the Underworld movies. It just looks kick ass! I love the lighting and the broken glass and the great looking chick with the tight leather body suit.  I LOVE ET! Yep, I do!

For more on this beautiful find visit author Keri Lake's site here!
BTW, Keri Lake has a kick ass site. Just sayin'. OH and be sure to check out the blog tour! I know I will.

I love everything about this cover. The flowers, the red hair, the swirls, the makeup. All of it! This too conveys magic and mystery and makes me want to read more!

I found this one on author Keri Lake's website as well. Check out more here! 

I believe I found this on the author's blog because I read the first one in the series, downloaded the second book and was wondering if book three had come out yet. It did. It's soooooo puuurrrrttttyyyy. Sorry if that annoyed you a little bit. The models on these covers are ridiculously beautiful and this one's beauty combined with the graphics just screams hellish beauty. I bet you she's evil. I bet you she's a demon. Who the hell is she???

No worries... I'll let you know.

For more info on this series visit John Corwin here and you should follow him because he is HILARIOUS! LOVE HIM!

**Just a friendly FYI... I was just in lust today. I often am but don't usually post cover love. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't. If this remotely looks like any other blog's meme, much respect but I'm not trying to take anything or copy anything. Thanks!


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