Inhale... Exhale... Just Breathe...

Today marks the last day of the Just Breathe World Tour. It has been such a wonderful experience. From the bloggers' posts to Kendall's exciting kiddie scholarship news to the giveaways to the tweet fests... It has all been a whirlwind made of greatness.  I truly hope that you have all been able to hit up all the wonderful blogs that hosted and read some really great posts. I hope that you were inspired by us cray cray Kendall Grey fans to pick up this series and decided to give it a chance. Thank you to all the wonderful blogs who participated. Although many were already fans of the series, many others were not. They gave it a chance and are now on the cray cray Elemental Love Bus!

Please come back to Rumor Has It throughout the day. I have many more reviews being posted today and ending with my own little giveaway.  HINT: There will be clues here and there in each of the posts that will give you extra entries in the giveaway. 

The Review

Inhale… Exhale… Just Breathe…

Inhale… Exhale… Just Breathe…

My mantra as I gently pick up my jaw off the floor.  My mantra as I try to sort out my feelings that seem to be a mixture of excitement, sadness, awe, surprise, love, hate… more love than hate… but yeah, I think you get the picture.  

Honestly though…That was completely awesome!!

Kendall Grey delivers another work of art. 

Just Breathe is:

* Packed to the rim with action
* Intense
* Intriguing
* HOT… like jump in some type of cold body of water hot.
* Intelligent
* Sweet yet raunchy

All of the above was awesome but I think what I was most impressed with was the fact that I never knew where this story was going to go. As soon as I thought the story would go one way it totally went a different direction.  I had to give myself a pep talk and mentally talk myself down to a point where I wouldn’t expect anything. I had to just let it flow without expectations because I was driving myself nuts.

This read earned itself a very strong five stars.

I can’t rave enough about this series. It has absolutely everything one could want from a paranormal romance/ urban fantasy and more.  The romance is absolutely wonderful but there is so much more to this series than that. There is an actual story with amazing but flawed characters you will love to love and love to hate with an amazingly unique but realistic world.

I’m extremely sad to say goodbye to the Just Breathe saga but extremely excited about what Kendall Grey has yet to write. These characters will forever live in my heart and will never be forgotten.

I’m extremely proud of Kendall Grey who will forever have my support and admiration. I will forever read anything Kendall Grey because through her writing you feel her passion and understand immediately how serious her art is to her.  This chick is just awesome on so many levels.  Thank you, Kendall Grey for transporting me into such a unique world that was full of surprises, that had my emotions on overload and made me wish I was really there beside all these wonderful characters fighting the good fight. 

ARC was provided by author for an honest review and tour purposes. 

He made a deal with the devil to save the woman he loves…

After tragedy rocks the foundation of their relationship, Australian Sentinel Gavin Cassidy and whale biologist Zoe Morgan call it quits. Gavin can’t forgive himself for shattering her trust, and being with the sexy rock star is killing Zoe. Literally.

But love—and duty—are powerful motivators, and alliances are forged in the most unlikely places. With the key to salvation locked inside the mind of an unconscious child, Gavin must find another way to snuff out the Fyre Elementals before millions of humans die, or make good on his deal with the devil and lose the one he loves. Again.

*This book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

**The author will donate all profits from the sale of the JUST BREATHE trilogy to programs that educate people about whales and the challenges they face.



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