Life Before Legend by Marie Lu

Genre: YA

3 Stars

Goodreads Says: Find out more about June and Day in this never-before-seen glimpse into their daily lives before they met in Marie Lu’s New York Times bestselling LEGEND series. As twelve-year-olds struggling to survive in two very different worlds within the Republic’s stronghold, June was starting her first day of school at Drake University as the youngest cadet ever admitted, and Day was fighting for food on the streets of the Lake sector. LIFE BEFORE LEGEND contains two original stories written by Marie Lu that give readers a sneak peek into the lives of their favorite characters in a thrilling new context.

It’s short and it was nice to get back the world of June and Day. You will get to live in a memory of Day’s and one of June.

At first, I was like “oook”. I mean it was OK  In the grand scheme of things I just couldn't understand the significance of this being written. Now that I've read Prodigy, the second book in the series and the book that comes after this one, I realize that it lends for a better understanding of some things that go down in Prodigy.  Honestly, though… You really don’t even need to know these stories/memories. Not really. 


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