Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

As Wrath’s fiercest son, Logan carries the scars of fifty years spent in the most dreaded prison of the underworld, for a sin he’d kill to keep secret. Enduring decades of gruesome torture has left Logan feared by and detached from others, until a female Alexi’s blood resurrects his soul from death and, with it, the pleasures he’s been denied for so long.

Plagued by shame of her own, Calla is drawn to the ruthless demon, Logan, whose insatiable craving for her touch rouses buried passions and, for once, leaves her feeling desired. 

A dark and dangerous evil has been reawakened, however, and when Calla is drawn too close to its breeding grounds, Logan vows to summon the violence of Wrath in order to keep her safe. First, though, Calla must save him from a past riddled with deceit and corruption … but only if she can accept the chilling consequences of unearthing his vilest skeleton. 

Sons of Wrath
Never gamble with vengeance …

Warning: This book contains explicit language, sex, and violence. Not suitable for readers under 18 years of age.

An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.

Soul Resurrected began immediately where Soul Avenged ended without skipping a beat. Logan had been stabbed with the only metal that can kill the demon gods and the only way to bring him back to life was to use the blood of a virgin. In comes Calla, the virgin Alexi soldier.

This read was extremely dark and right away I realized that it would remain so until the end. There was something else I quickly realized… Keri Lake will never go the direction you think things will go. This I can appreciate.  

First thing I must mention is the prologue. I thought it was brilliant and set the mood instantly. The prologue is Logan's thoughts and again it was brilliant. 

I think the strongest part of this book was the character growth and development of both Logan and Calla. Logan is probably the most complicated of the two but the more the layers were peeled away the more afraid I was and the more I felt for him. He had it rough and on the norm he is not an easy character to like but you really do realize why very quickly.  

This entire world develops and unfolds into a darker and more sinister one. It’s crazy scary how easily it was to dive right in and accept that this world is reality! Yeah… talk about letting your imagination go wild because I was looking around thinking “crap I’m surrounded by Lycans”.  Speaking of Lycans, things are revealed and it goes beyond Lycans.  Things have only begun to get interesting and crazier!

It was good to meet more of the brothers and can’t wait to really get to know them when the time comes. Ayden and Kane make a few appearances and I didn't think I would ever admit this but I was even a bit sad I didn't get to read about them more. I actually found myself missing them.

I know my two reviews have been kind of vague but I really want you to go into this series without really knowing too much because you are constantly being revealed new things and twists. Nothing is ever what it seems, things are ugly, messy, scary, action packed and again, those hot scenes are always hot. You won’t look at the world the same way after reading this book.


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