In the Clear by Tamara Morgan

Genre: Adult

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Fletcher Owens is full of secrets.

Few people know he spends his nights volunteering for a Search and Rescue team, saving lives while risking his own. Even fewer know he’s in love with his best friend’s sister. And since he’s not willing to give up their friendship for a chance at something more, that’s exactly how things will stay.

Lexie Sinclair has nothing to hide.

The zany daughter, the wacky sister, the quirky fundraiser for a children’s charity — Lexie couldn’t hide her true self even if she wanted to. So when her brother’s best friend is revealed to be a local hero, she’s determined to stand up and prove she’s ready to be more than just friends.

In the Clear was a short and cute little romance.

I’m not sure why but I always get in the mood to read either Christmas stories or stories that take place in winter when its currently winter here in Chicago.  I also like that read to be cute, quirky with a happily ever after. This definitely fit the bill and I was glad I read it.

Fletcher’s a really nice guy that is OK being the one who sits back quietly in the background. It seems he was always around Lexie and her brother.

Lexie is that clumsy, quirky, loud, no filter kind of girl who doesn't seem to have it together as much as her brother and family would like.

One thing leads to another and it turns out that they've both had a mutual attraction that neither has known how to approach.

Again, this was cute and I loved the events that brought them together. I like that the majority of the story took place getting to know Fletcher’s new passion and seeing Lexie a bit stronger while helping out in the rescues.

My three star rating is due to the fact that I didn't like Lexie for about ⅔ of the book. She was just too annoying.  I also thought some of the dialog was off. Some things just didn't make sense. It was meant to keep the suspense but instead it just had me face/palm-ing a lot.

Overall, I recommend this read. It’s quick and cuddly.

ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley.


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