Stifle by Kendall Grey

Genre: Erotica

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Goodreads Says: Sinnder is a hotter-than-blazes Fyre Elemental who thrives on the Fire of sex, and Scarlet, his partner in crime, plans to hook him up. Charged with "occupying" headstrong Zoe Morgan's attention at a local music club while Scarlet tries to get back in rock star Gavin Cassidy's bed, Sinnder walks into Shaggy's with zero expectations. But meeting Gavin's dream lover Zoe face-to-face arouses addictive heat he never anticipated. Captivated by the promise of the fiery passion lurking beneath Zoe's good-girl exterior, Sinnder will do whatever it takes to go down in flames with her - and Gavin if he has to.

STIFLE takes the reader on wild ride through the twisted mind of an Elemental consumed not only by Fire but by the ashes of his past. This sizzling bit of Just Breathe Ephemera features highly explicit content. Readers are strongly cautioned.

HOLY HOT SINNDER BALLS! I just didn't know you had it in you like that Sinnder. I mean I knew you were mysterious and dangerous and hot but not like that!

Once again I'm impressed with Kendall Grey's writing.  This has to be the BEST erotica novel I have ever read and let me tell you why... Actual sex is not involved. WHAT?!

This takes you to places mentally and emotionally that will have you bursting at the seams and just when you think it's going somewhere you are quickly cooled down only to be sky rocketed back into that mind set you had to come back down from. Up and down, up and down...   HOLY HAWT HELL!

Sinnder... Your creative ways are those  that even the gods envy.

Check out Kendall's VLOG on Sinnder and Stifle.


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